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Healthy air quality in your home.
Guests from everywhere
Green Grass
Time for change
Winter retreat


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Healthy air quality in your home.

Myth one. Homes should be airtight.

Decent air quality in the home is achieved by having adequate NATURAL ventilation such as air bricks in the walls, doors in the home that have a clear 10mm gap to allow air flow into cupboards, wardrobes and all rooms where doors are shut.

There is utter confusion when it comes to opening doors and windows daily for instance is the relative humidity indoors is 48 to 52 don't bother flushing the air and if the outside humidity is above 52 leave the house doors and windows shut or you will introduce over moist air into your home.

Guests from everywhere

Wow! over the past few months we have hosted guests from all parts world. Finland, America, Chile and Australia to name but  a few. 

All who come here love the hospitality and being welcomed at home ion a foreign land.

Green Grass

This is the greenest spring in years lots of rain to soak in the fertilizer. The first wwoofer of the season arrives this week and the summer vege planting beginns.

Time for change

We have just had the triennial local body elections, I stood because the vote needed to be split to ensure the sitting council was ousted others like me did the same and guess what it worked we now hopefully have a functional council.

Winter retreat

Living in a retirement Home without your old stuff.

Why not come and stay a while to shake off the winter blues. Sit by the log fire reading sipping wine or just chatting.
Guys may choose to use the workshop to make something for a family member.
Gals can use the sewing room or bake a cake.

Let your imagination loose and book yor stay at Maple Grove.

Winter is upon us.

The winter months are quiet for most Bed and Breakfast establishments however this gives us the opportunity to spruce up and do general repairs and maintenance, ready for the next busy season. At Maple Grove we use the quiet time to re charge our own batteries and take a couple of trips ourselves.


In May we hosted Susie Mills and her Mum, Pat who had just turned 91 as it happened we had Anne's mum, Betty staying who was about to turn 91 therefore a dinner party was on the cards. So Pat and Betty got the treatment good wine and food and of course a good old fashioned Birthday cake was baked by Anne for the occasion. Needless to say a good time was had by all.

Coopers Farm Services

We have been happy to have looked after the team from CFS for the past few months whilst they installed the plant for an 80 bale rotary dairy shed in the Ashley Clinton area. We provided all meals including packed lunches  and ensured the homestead was warm for their return each evening after they worked many 11hr days.
In a very nice gesture they took me out to dinner and a few drinks on the dying days of the project. Hope to see them all again soon when the dairy sector rises once again.

In the pic the puzzle begins with the base in place now the complex construction will take place.

The Engineers are in town

We are currently hosting a team from Cooper Farm services who are constructing a milking platform locally. The guys are fun and we are having a few laughs over beers in the evenings. Go Cooper FS

Who stays at Maple Grove

Maple grove is the ultimate venue for Stress free wedding preparations,, a venue for hen parties and a place for the Bridal party or the groom's party to get ready for that all important day..
However we are not just about weddings Trout fisher folk, trampers and mountain bikers love it here too.
We have hosted contestants from the NZ"s got talent auditions, attendees of the mission concerts and visitors to the Atr Deco festivities in Napier. All Guests have commented on the superior comfort and style of our accommodation, facilities and friendliness.